Itokusan Kongoji (hereinafter referred to as “this Site”) established the following personal information protection policy, to build a system to protect personal information. We are aware of the importance of personal information protection for all our users which is why we will make the biggest effort to promote the protection of personal information.

Administration of personal data

This site, keeps the personal information of our customers accurate and up to date, in order to prevent such things as unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, leakage of personal information, etc. To prevent such cases are we keeping the security system under a strict maintenance and hold specialized employee training. Furthermore do we implement safety measures to make sure of a strict management of personal information.

Usage of personal data

Our primary aim in collecting personal information is to provide you with customized information you have asked for e.g. the contents of our services, and answer to your emails.

Prohibition and Restriction of providing third parties with personal data

This site, will properly manage the personal information entrusted to us by our customers and unless for any of the following cases, do we not disclose personal information to third parties.

If we have the consent of our customers

In cases that is necessary to provide an outsourced operator with information to provide our customer with the service requested.
In cases that the law requests us to disclose the information.

Safety measures for personal data

To gurantee the safety and accuracy of personal information is this site taking all possible measures for security.

Inquiry from the customer himself

If the customer requests us to provide him with his/her data, to change or delete the data, we will follow his/her request after verifying his/her identity.

Update or change of the terms and conditions

This site follows the Japanese laws and regulations that apply to personal information as well as other norms. Depending on changes to these rules might we review and update the contents of this policy as appropriate and will work to improve the security of your data.