Order Page

Order Page

Date of Prayer

We will be holding the prayer from the month of order or around the 21st of the following month, once a month for 1 year. The names of prayers will be shown as a telop on the Prayer Report Movie on our website for proof.

Prayer Charges

The fee will be 5000yen. Prayers will be held once a month, 12 times for one year.

How to pay

Please fill in the below form, and pay by credit card.

Order via Internet

You can order through the online form below. Please fill in the necessary information before sending the form. The person in charge will contact you after we checked the contents of your order.

Name *required

(Please enter your name in Japanese characters/katakana)

The name and details of wish will be listed on a report movie uploaded on youtube. If you would like yours to be private, please check(select) the box below.

Select the contents of your wish *required

家内安全 Well-being for the family (Happiness for the family)

商売繁盛 Commercial success(Good luck at business and trade)

交通安全 Traffic safety (Prevention of traffic accidents)

業績向上 Performance improvement (Better performance at work)

当病平癒 Health recovery (Healing of an illness)

無病息災 Health (Keeping illness away)

心身健全 Health of body and mind (Keeping body and mind healthy)

手術成功 Successful operation (To help an operation/surgery to succeed)

厄難消除 Misfortune prevention (Resolving of bad luck)

良縁成就 Match-making success (To find a good partner for life)

子授成就 Child protection (Help and protection for the children)

安産成就 Save birth (For a birth without problems and healthy child and mother)

学業成就 Educational success (Better learning ability)

受験合格 Success at examinations (Help to pass examinations)

選挙必勝 Election success (Chance to win an election)

心願成就 Wish fulfillment (To make your heart`s wish come true)
*For information about the usage of personal information please check the details listed up below. Please read them carefully before ordering and after agreeing to the conditions.
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136,Kuragaki, Nose-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka-fu, 563-0113
●15 minutes (10km) by car from Nose-michi no Eki (Kuri no Sato)
●10 minutes (7km) by car from Nose Electric Railway Station NS14 “Myokenguchi”

Contact us per telephone: TEL.072(737)1439

E-mail: info@kongozi.jp